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US Visa Renewal india

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Below is The Process For US Visa Renewal india In 5 Steps

  • Step 1 : Please Send me Your Passport Front and Back Pics and your Visa Pic.
  • Step 2 : Once i received Your Passport Pics, i will Let You know the IWP or Drop box Eligibility.
  • Step 3 : Please Pay your Visa Fees to US Consulate Account Number.
  • Step 4 : Once Visa Fees is Paid, I will Book the Appointment for Drop box then i will get you the dropbox confirmation.
  • Step 5 : Based on the Dropbox Appointment i will Fill up your Ds 160 Form and Check all your Documents which is required to carry to consulate. Don't Worry if you don't have any documents. Even without any documents also we can process your application.


  • Usa b1 b2 Renewal process from First to Last
  • Checking Usa Visa Renewal Eligibility
  • Checking Eligibility for Interview Waiver Programme
  • Eligibility for DropBox
  • Completing All required US Visa Renewal Forms and Applications

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Us Tourist/Visiting/Business Visa Renewal Services Before or After Expiry of your Visa

  • Get Your USA visa renewal
  • Consultant With Good Expertise in Filing Renewal Cases
  • Follow up till the Processing is Completed
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1200 + Visas Processed

Almost All Our Customers are Eligible For Interview Waiver Programme

YES, You might be Eligible for INTERVIEW WAIVER PROGRAM This Year. Call Me to know whether you are eligible for IWP or not. Don't Miss this chance.

How to Apply US Visa Renewal India B1 B2

Applying USA Visa Renewal in india is very easy. Simply Call us on +91-8008694696 and speak with me, I will clearly help you with all your doubts and questions over the call, Then send me your passport front and back picture and your visa picture. Pay your visa fees, Then let us complete complete required applications which is required to submit in the nearest dropbox location india. Receive your passport with new visa for next 10 years delivered to your home address.

Frequently Asked Questions By Our Customers

For Whom This Renewal Is for ?

Renewal is for Those who hold the B1/B2 Visa already and expired.

Do i need to pay the Visa Fees again ?

Yes, You has to pay your Visa fees again. Visa Fees is not comes under the Waiver Program

Should I need to Attend the Interview For Renewal ?

This Depends on your situation. I help my customer to check whether they are eligible for IWP or not. If they are Eligible, then no need to go for Visa interview. If not eligible, Then need to go for visa interview. Call me for more Details.

Should I need to Prepare the Documentation ?

In Most Cases, You Don't need the Documents. But in Some Cases, Yes, you need to prepare the Documentation which is required to process your application and for Visa approval.

Can I renew My visa after expiry ?

Yes, You can Renew your visa after expiry. But you should Renew before 48 months of the expiry.

Am i Eligible for Visa Drop Box ?

Yes, If your age is below 14 years and above 80 Years, Then you are eligible for Dropbox. Dropbox does not mean that you will get your visa.

From where You can Renew your Visa Renewal ?

You can renew your US visa from Indian consulates only. 

Is there any procedure for renewal to senior citizens

As discussed above, If your age is below 14 years and above 80 years, then you are eligible for Drop Box facility. Else you has to follow the same renewal procedure.

Will I get the Same Multiple entry visa after my renewal ?

Yes, All the cases we dealed got 10 Years Multiple visa.

how many days before tourist visa expiry can apply for renewal ?

You can apply for the renewal of your visa before 48 months of expiry. Please let us know, so that we can suggest you the actual time.​

USA visa renewal fingerprinting centres/location in india ?

There are 5 Biometric centres in india. 1) Hyderabad 2) Chennai 3) Mumbai 4) Delhi 5) Kolkata 

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Where you can submit your passports for Dropbox ? (Dropbox Locations for USA Visa Renewal)

1. Delhi, Address : Shivaji Stadium Metro Station Concourse Level, Baba Kharak Singh Marg Connaught Place, NewDelhi - 110001

2. Mumbai, Address : Parinee Crescenzo, 101, 1st Floor, A Wing, G Block, Bandrakurla Complex Bandra East, Mumbai - 400051.

3. Chennai, Address : Good shepherd, No 82, Kodambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600034

4. Hyderabad, Address : 1-8-384/385, Ground Floor, Gowra Grand S.P.Road, Begumpet Secunderabad, Hyderabad - 500003.

5. Kolkata, Address : Jasmine Tower 31, Shakespeare Sarani (1st Floor), Kolkata - 700017.

6. Chandigarh, Address : Elante Offices, Gate 3, Unit B-208,2nd Floor, Block B,Plot No 178-178A, Industrial & Business Park,Phase 1, Chandigarh – 160002, Punjab – India.

7. Jalandhar, Address : Aman Plaza, 3rd floor, 310 Lajpat Nagar, Nakodar Chowk, Jalandhar, Punjab, 144001.

8. ​Ahmedabad, Address : Gujarat Chambers Building, Shri Ambika Mills Ashram Road, Ahmedabad - 380009.

9. Pune, Address : F Core, Marvel Edge, 4th Floor,Viman Nagar, Pune - 411014, Maharashtra – India.

10. Bengaluru, Address : Unit No.: 305, Level 3, Second Floor, Prestige Atrium, No.1 Central Street, Bengaluru – 560001, Karnataka – India.

11. Kochi, Address : 1st Floor Coastal Chambers Opp Mercy Hotel, M.G Road Ravipuram, Kochi Kerala - 682015.​

What is the Eligibility for US Visa Renewal Now ?

Finding Eligibility for usa visa renewal is simple. ​If you received your visa after 1st January 2008, then you are eligible for us visa renewal without any hassle. But kindly make sure your visa is not annotated with clearance received or department authorization. in case if your visa is annotated with the above terms, then you are not eligible for visa renewal and you need to go and attend the bio metrics and interview again. and also make sure the renewal you are applying is from the same country which your recent visa got issued. Example, If you got your recent visa from Dubai, and you are planning to renew your visa from India, then you are not eligible for visa renewal from India. In case your visa is issued from India, and now you want to apply for renewal from India, then you are eligible for visa renewal from India. If your age is below 14 and if your both parents having valid USA b1 b2 visa then you are eligible for interview waiver program and you can directly drop your and your both parents passports along with 2 photographs in the drop box to get your visa approved. If your age is above 80, then you are by default eligible for interview waiver, That means you are no longer required to give you bio metrics and interview in the embassy. You just only need to submit your passport and 2 photographs in the nearest drop box location mentioned below in this page to get your USA visa.

How long It takes for the Us Visa Renewal in India?

Now a days, Even for Drop box also we need to schedule the Date. That means, As per the new changes in the Us Visa Renewal India Process, once we are done with payment to the US Embassy, we need to schedule the appointment for dropping your passports and 2 photographs in the drop box location mentioned below. For scheduling the date, You need to pay you embassy fees and it takes 3-4 days to get the appointment date, Once you received the appointment confirmation, then you can directly go to the drop box location and submit your passports. you can submit from morning 10 am to 4 pm on that date.

What is the Validity of the US Visa Renewed

​United States Visa which you renewed will be valid for the next 10 years from the date of visa renewed. Sometimes depends on the applicant, you will get the visa renewed for 1 year based on the visa officer. 

US Visa Renewal Denied

Yes, Even if you apply for Visa Renewal Your visa application might be Denied or Refused and you wont get Visa. But, Most of the time, the embassy calls the applicant for the interview before refusing the visa directly. You will get a Letter with section 221(g) administrative processing and you are called for the interview to provide that your previous visits was good and you have no exceeded length of stay in the USA in your previous visits. We can Help you in this situation as well. Call us Today at +91-8008694696.

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Renewal is for Those who already had the USA B1/B2 multiple entry Visa but has been Expired. Please Click Here if you are looking for B1/B2 Visa Consultants for visiting or tourism or business to USA.

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