Usa B1 B2 Visa Consultants for Business-Visiting-&-tourism

I Do Business/Visiting/Tourism Visas For USA

Important Things when Applying for USA B1 B2 Visa

  • No Need of IELTS/GRE/TOEFL for b1 b2 visa
  • Funds Depends on the Genuine Availability
  • Age is Not at all a Factor for applying B1 B2 Multiple Entry Visa
  • Education is not mandatory to apply.

About ME

I am the Freelance USA Return B1 B2 Visa Consultant with Very High Success Rate and Good Experience in Analysing Your Application. We will let you know the Chances of getting your Visa based on your current situation and try to find the prominent solution. 

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Process For B1 B2 Visas In 5 STEPS

  • Step 1 : Send Your Passport Front and Back Pics to Start the Visa Processing
  • Step 2 : Once we received your passport pics, we will reply you with USA Embassy Bank account number to pay your Visa Fees.
  • Step 3 : Once Visa Fees is Paid, we Book the Slot for your interview.
  • Step 4 : According To the date You need to arrange All your Documentation. This Includes Invitation from your Friends or Relatives who are residing in USA. Dont worry If you don't have any Body to send the Invitation.
  • Step 5 : Then, Based on the Invitation, I will Fill up the DS 160 Form.
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USA B1 B2 Visa is for Those who are Planning to Enter in to United States of America based on Visiting, Business or Tourism Purpose. Example 1 : if you are working in a company Or If your friends or Family members are residing in USA Or if you want to see some places or want to have a vacation in the USA, then you should Apply for USA B1 B2 Visa. 

B1 and B2 Visas Are Same But the Purpose is Different. Example 1 : if you are applying on behalf of your company Or you are going to USA to attend a meeting or a training which is related to your company, Then you have to Apply for B1. Example 2 : if you want to meet your Friends/Relatives/Parents/Children who are residing in USA, Then we have to Apply B2. Example 3 : If you want to have a Vacation in USA, then you have to apply for B2. But Remember, What ever the visa you are Applying, You get Both B1 and B2 with 10 Years Multiple Entry in to USA. You can Stay for 6 Months Maximum and You can even extent more time if there is a Valid Reason. is a professional travel agency that only helps and assists individuals and private companies to complete the necessary applications to apply for american visa for short-term stays in usa. The fees we charge include only help,assistance and not for any other payments. is not associated with any other agencies or government organisation.