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I Do Business/Visiting/Tourism Visas For USA

I am here to Help you process your USA Visa application with proper guidance.  You Can get in touch with me if you are looking for Business, Visiting and Tourism purpose. 

Important Things when Applying for USA B1 B2 Visa India

  • No Need of IELTS/GRE/TOEFL for b1 b2 visa
  • Funds Depends on the Genuine Availability
  • Age is Not at all a Factor for applying B1 B2 Multiple Entry Visa
  • Education is not mandatory to apply.

Process For B1 B2 Visas In 5 STEPS for Application Proces

Processing Time for USA Visiting and business visa takes not more than 15 days, as we are the established and reputed Visiting and business visa consultants in Hyderabad, we never take more than 15 days for processing of your application.​

  • Step 1 : Send Your Passport Front and Back Pics to Start the Visa Processing
  • Step 2 : Once we received your passport pics, we will reply you with USA Embassy Bank account number to pay your Visa Fees.
  • Step 3 : Once Visa Fees is Paid, we Book the Slot for your interview.
  • Step 4 : According To the date You need to arrange All your Documentation. This Includes Invitation from your Friends or Relatives who are residing in USA. Dont worry If you don't have any Body to send the Invitation.
  • Step 5 : Then, Based on the Invitation, I will Fill up the DS 160 Form.
  • Step 6 : We Provide you Expected Interview Questions to you as per your Visit.
  • Step 7 : We Take MOCK Test to test your interview skills

About ME

I am the Freelance USA Return B1 B2 Visit Visa USA Immigration Consultant with Very High Success Rate and Good Experience in Analyzing Your Application. I will let you know the Chances of getting your Visa Approval or Rejection based on your current situation, Job, Salary etc and try to find the Good solution. 

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Do you want USA b1/b2 10 year multiple entry visa ?

​We provide USA b1/b2 Visiting and business visa consulting services. We have processed a very good number of applications with 98% success rate. Most of the candidates we do processing got visas in first atempt. We usually get all our customers with references of the successful visa approved candidates.

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Check Here for B1 Visa Questions and Answers

United States of America is one of the best destination for everybody in the world. Even thought there are many places to see in the world, USA always stand in the 1st position to attract the people from all over the world to USA. Millions of applicants from all over the world apply for the visa to the USA on different purpose of visits to the USA based on their requirement, May be on Visiting, Business, Tourism, medical or some other purpose. United states is also called as the land of opportunities, Those people who is skilled and having no growth in their country will come to USA and show their talent to grow. United states of america is also one of the safest and secured places on earth in terms of Education, Medical, protection, Opportunities, Happiness etc. The quality of life is also best when compared to other countries on earth. So this is also one of the best reason to migrate to USA. You need to take the Expert advice when you are applying for the visa to the united stated. You need to find the best visiting visa consultants in india to process your application for your interview. Error free application filing is very important when you are applying for the visa. even a small mistake in the application might get your visa refusal without any proper reason from the embassy. Below you can find more detailed information on usa visa.

Purpose of B1 B2 Visting Visa​ USA

B1 B2 or visiting visa is required to see all the sight seeings in the USA, or visiting family members or visiting friends or medical purpose or even for any kindly of business activities. The validity of USA visit visa is for mostly for 10 years and also based on your intend of your trip to USA, the visa officer might issue you less validity visa, this happens very rarely. In last 1000+ Applications we processed, we have not seen 1 visa validity with 1 year so far. On a B1 B2 visa, you are not allowed to work in the USA. If you want to work in USA then you need to apply for H1B visa. Also called as work permit visa to USA. Working on B1 B2 visa in the USA is Illegal and you might be prosecuted. In the Interview you need to show them the Strong Ties to India to prove that you will come back with in the time specified in your application, We will guide you with the interview tips on how to face the interview. The Visa on your passport is just like a permission to get into the Flight and land in the USA. You need to complete the port of entry formalities to enter in to united stated. The actual length of stay is decided by the port of entry immigration officer. He will give you mostly 6 months of time to stay in the USA. You are not allowed to exceed that 6 months of time for your stay. If you are doing so, you will be banned in to USA from your next visit. But, If required, you can extend you Stay beyond 6 months by applying for the extension of visa. 

​Important Points to Remember

  1. ​The Consulate Opens from Monday and Friday for the interview, But you can give your Bio metrics on any day except on Public holidays.
  2. You need to attend 2 Days in your Visa Process. 1st Day for your bio metrics and 2nd day for your interview. You cannot attend both Bio metrics and interview in 1 day.
  3. Once your Visa is approved in the interview, Generally it takes in between 2 to 6 days to get your visa to your hands. you will get an email from the embassy with the message to collect your passport. you can even select an option to courier your passport directly to your home address, For this service they charge extra 500 rupees. If you are collecting from the collection center, you can collect your passport for free by showing you any valid ID card. you can even send somebody else, like your family or friends to collect your passport on behalf of you. You need to sign an authorization letter to your family or friends to collect your passport.
  4. In Visa application you need to mention the intended date of travel or the best estimate of your travel planning date. Along with the address where you are going to stay in the USA. Address might be your friends or relative address, Hotel Address or any guest house provided by your clients in the USA if your purpose of visit is business. You need to plan your interview at least 15 days before your travel date to the USA.
  5. The passport must be in good condition when applying for USA visit visa. If you have any damaged passport, kindly apply for new passport before going for the USA visa interview. Also make sure you are having 6 months of passport validity before applying along with 2 empty pages for stickering of USA visa in your passport.
  6. If you are going to USA to meet your family or friends, then you need to have an invitation letter(We can help you with best format) from your Family or friends in the united states mentioning their address, mobile number and email address.
  7. B1 B2 visa is issued to the individual based on the interview. If you want to take your family to the USA, then your wife and children has to apply and attend the interview for the visa. Below 14 years kids is eligible for Drop box if both the parents are having a valid us visa. if not, Below 14 years children are also required to attend the interview along with parents who does not have the visa.
  8. Above 80 years applicants are not required to attend the bio metrics or interview. They are by default eligible for Drop box.

Refusal of Us Visa​

Refusal of USA visit visa is common, every day many of the applicants visa get rejects due to various reasons. As per our experience, Most of the applicants visas get rejects due to misrepresentation of information in the application. As the applicant are filing their applications for the first time, most of the time, they will do some error. second reason for rejection is communication. you no need to worry about the 2 reasons, As we are expertise in completing the application error free, we can help you with your application perfectly. We will also give you the best tips for your interview like, the expected questions as per your purpose of visit to the USA and how you need to answer those questions in the interview.

USA visa like B1 B2 Visa is for Those who are Planning to Enter in to United States of America based on Visiting, Business or Tourism Purpose. Example 1 : if you are working in a company Or If your friends or Family members are residing in USA Or if you want to see some places or want to have a vacation in the USA, then you should Apply for USA B1 B2 Visa. 

B1 and B2 Visas Are Same But the Purpose is Different. Example 1 : if you are applying on behalf of your company Or you are going to USA to attend a meeting or a training which is related to your company, Then you have to Apply for B1. Example 2 : if you want to meet your Friends/Relatives/Parents/Children who are residing in USA, Then we have to Apply B2. Example 3 : If you want to have a Vacation in USA, then you have to apply for B2. But Remember, What ever the visa you are Applying, You get Both B1 and B2 with 10 Years Multiple Entry in to USA. You can Stay for 6 Months Maximum and You can even extent more time if there is a Valid Reason.

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Note : Processing times differs from time to time. We will complete the application as soon as possible and schedule the interview date as early as possible. is a professional travel agency that only helps and assists individuals and private companies to complete the necessary applications to apply for american visa for short-term stays in usa. The fees we charge include only help,assistance and not for any other payments. is not associated with any other agencies or government organisation.