US Visa Renewal – Important things you need to know

Us Visa Renewal – You came to the right website if you are looking for USA Visa renewal. From all over the world, Millions of people from their countries travel to the USA based on their requirement. Most of the people travel to the US and most of their purpose of visit is to travel for conduction business meeting, attending conferences and expos, Trade shows, Visiting family, Visiting friends, Tourism, Sightseeing and for Medical treatment purpose. what every the visa you are applying you will get B1/B2 visa only most of the time.

Almost 90% of the people get the visa for Multiple entry for 10 years and they can travel to the united states multiple times in 10 years validity and they can stay there for 6 months till the end of their stay in I-94. 10% of the people get the visa for only 1 year and even for 6 months with multiple or single entry visa. We have seen very less people who got 6 months validity visa in last 2000 visa applications we have processed. Us Visa renewal is simple Easier to do when it comes to indians.

Visa Validity and Duration of stay in the united states

Visa Validity : Although you got your visa approved for 10 years of validity, You can not allowed to stay in the usa for 10 years continuously. The meaning of 10 years visa means, you got the visa for 10 years and you can travel to the usa only in that validity period. Before or after your visa issue and expiry date, you cannot travel to usa.

Duration of Stay : Duration of stay is also called as length of stay. after your visa is approved and you traveled to the usa, In USA port of entry the immigration officer gives you the length of stay. Most of the time the immigration officer gives you 6 months of length of stay if you are travelling for the first time, and if you are travelling very frequently and staying 6 months every time then you might be getting only 1 month or more or less length of stay to stay in usa.

Never Exceed your length of stay in USA

You are allowed to stay only the number of days you are allowed to stay. In any case you should not exceed those length of stay in USA or in any country. If you do so, Then you are breaking the immigration rules. You should not break the immigration rules in their country. Most of the time, if you break the immigration rules then you are banned from visiting that particular country and that also a bad remark on your passport. This kind of remarks might also effects your visa applications to other countries. As per usa immigration and as per our customer feedback and knowledge, If you overstayed in the usa for more than 6 months and less than 1 year, then you are not allowed to USA for 3 years. You can travel to the usa again only after this 3 year lock in period. If you are overstayed for more than 1 year, You might not be allowed to the usa for 10 years.

What is the Right Time for doing US Visa Renewal in India

You can do your visa renewal at any time but we always recommend all the applicants to do their visa renewal before expiry so that there wont be any hassle while processing your application. Of course, Even after your Visa validity is expired, still you can do the visa renewal with in 12 months from the date of expiry. So, to avoid those delays we always recommend to do the renewal before expiry. There are certain things to remember while do the us visa renewal in india. If you got your visa from another country apart from your nationality country, then you are eligible for visa renewal from the country which you got your visa. If you are in another country, then you are not eligible for visa renewal. Example : You are an indian citizen and got your us visa from canada, You are eligible for visa renewal only if you do it from canada, if you applying for visa renewal from india, then you need to attend the biometrics and interview. So, we also suggest you to do the renewal from the country which you got your visa.