Common Reason of US Visiting and Business visa Rejection

USA Visiting Visa and Business Visas are the common visas issued to individual in india and to all over the world. Even, Most of the people apply for the B1/B2 visa if they want to travel to the US for short term purposes, 6 months or less. If you want to stay for more than 6 months, You can apply for your visa extension while you are in the USA. If you want to stay more than 6 months continuously for 1 to 2 years then its better you can apply for the respective visa category.

Unfortunately, Its not that easy in these days to get the visa for USA as the trump administration has taken many steps and procedures to send out the illegal immigrants in the USA, who enter into USA with B1/B2 Visas.

And I am not saying its hard to get the visa, To get the B1 B2 Visa to usa you need to have the perfect application with completed information without any errors or misrepresentation. You should provide all the genuine information irrespective of visa out come.

Visa Approval Rejection

Visa Approval Rejection

Failed to Provide Complete And Proper Information

​This is the first reason for refusal of your USA Visa. We came across 100's of applications and found the applicant does not complete the information properly in the application to the USA Consulate. So due to the lack of information also, there is chance that your application might get rejected. So, Hiring us will help your visa approval rate.

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Lack of Communication skills

Communication Plays an very important role in your visa approval. You need to be well prepared for the answers in your visa interview.​ You need to understand the question first and then you need to answer it. If you dont understand the question and if you are answers the different answer, then the changes of rejection is very high. So understand the question clearly.

Our Applicants tell me, Kumar we are not able to hear the voice clearly from the speakers in the interview. I heard this from many of my applicants. Yes, Some time you might not hear the question from the visa officer clearly. You should Re-ask them until you understand the question. 

Wrong Visa type

This happened many times. You need to select the correct visa type according to your purpose of visit to the united states of america. If you are selected the wrong visa type and attending the interview, then your visa will get rejected. First of all, you should know what is your intention to travel to the USA and based on your intention then you need to select the visa type.

Not Prepared for Expected Interview Questions

Not prepared well for your interview is most important reason for rejection of your visa. You should not blindly go to the visa interview and stay calm. Before going to the interview, you  should expect what questions they might ask you according to your purpose of visit to USA. We will help you with the expected questions as per your purpose of visit to usa. You can hire me if you want visitors visa to usa you can call us.

Improper way of standing infront of visa officer​

You should be Good looking with the formal or informal dress based on your visa type. If you are planning for a tourism visa then you can go on any dress, but if you are planning for business visa to usa then you need to go in a formal dress.

The above are the expected reasons from 1200+ applications processed by me. You can get in touch with me to process your application in a perfect way. So that you will get your visa approval.