b1 business visa questions and answers

There will be a personal interview in the USA embassy with the Visa applicant. The common questions they ask you are mentioned below. Don,t get panic,  they wont ask you from your project. They ask you all the basic questions. All the question mentioned below are the common questions they ask you when you are visiting the embassy

1) what is the purpose of your visit

2) Who is sponsoring you the Visa

3) How many days you are staying in USA

4) Where are you staying in USA

5) who is your client

6) why your company selected only you for the USA

7) how is your company benefited with this trip

8) how long you are working with this company

9) who is your company chairman

10) how many employees working in your company

11) are you married

12) will you come back after your training

13) what is your designation in your company

14) from how long you are working with this company

15) do you have hotel confirmation for your stay

16) are any employees of your company is travelling with you.

All these are very simple questions they ask to you. You need to prepare practically and genuine. But if you start reading the answers then you might forget when you facing the interview. so understand why you are going to USA and then answer them confidently.